Film (Executive Producer)Year
The Quarry2020

Film (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part Two2025Jasper Briggs
Lake GeorgeDon
Fancy Dance2023Frank
Eileen2023Jim Dunlop
Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One2023Jasper Briggs
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse2023Captain George Stacy (voice)
The Gray Man2022Six's Father
South of Heaven2021Schmidt
Small Engine Repair2021Packie Hanrahan
The Getaway2021The Man
Fast and Furious 92021Stasiak
Vampires vs. the Bronx2020Frank Polidori
The Quarry2020Parker
Joker2019Detective Burke
Low Tide2019Sergeant Kent
To the Stars2019Hank Deerborne
City of Lies2019Frank Lyga
Vice2018Wayne Vincent
Bad Times at the El Royale2018Dr. Woodbury Laurence
First Man2018Gus Grissom
Sicario: Day of the Soldado2018Andy Wheeldon
Beirut 2018Gary Ruzak
The Catcher Was a Spy2018Joe Cronin
Labyrinth2018Frank Lyga
Wheelman20th October 2017Motherf****r
Death Note25th August 2017James Turner
Kong: Skull Island2017Cole
Star Trek Beyond 2016Teenaxi Leader (voice)
Term Life2016Matty Miller
Peacock Killer (Short)2016Man
Knight of Cups2016Jim
A Country Called Home2016Cole
Cop Car2015Man
Lila And Eve2015Detective Holliston
Non-Stop2014Agent Marenick
The Wolf of Wall Street2013Captain Ted Beecham
American Hustle2013Carl Elway
Fast and Furious 6 2013Stasiak
Silver Linings Playbook2012Jake Solatano
Big Miracle2012SAR Pilot Conrad
Catch .442011Billy
This Must Be the Place2011Ernie Ray
Take Shelter2011Dewart
The Lincoln Lawyer2011Corliss
The Conspirator2010Captain Cottingham
Family Jewels2010Donald
Radio Free Albemuth2010Phil
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans2009Justin
Fast and Furious2009Stasiak
Spooner2009Stan Manfretti
The Killing Room2009Tony Mazzolla
Blood Creek2009Luke Benny
Splinter2008Dennis Farell
Pride and Glory2008Kenny Dugan
South of Heaven2008Mad Dog Mantee
Wristcutters: A Love Story2006Eugene
First Snow2006Vincent McClure
Psychic Driving (Short)2005Ryan Barrett
Lords of Dogtown2005Drake Landon
Man of the House2005Ranger Holt
Water2004Daniel West
Out of This World2003Russell Reade
Bad Company2002Agent Wells
Tigerland2000Private Wilson
Of Love and Fantasy1998Craig
Life of a ClownRolf
The Irreversible YearFrank

Concert (Film) (Orchestra)Date
Joker: Live in Concert7th February 2024
Joker: Live in Concert26th September-9th November 2021

Television (Actor)Episode/SeasonYear/DateCharacter
Death by LightningRoscoe Conkling
American PrimevalJim Bridger
Lawmen: Bass ReevesPart VIII (episode 1.8)17th December 2023George Reeves
Lawmen: Bass ReevesPart I (episode 1.1)5th November 2023George Reeves
The Righteous GemstonesWonders That Cannot Be Fathomed, Miracles That Cannot Be Counted (episode 3.9)30th July 2023Dusty Daniels
The Righteous GemstonesFor I Know the Plans I Have for You (episode 3.1)18th June 2023Dusty Daniels
Waco: The AftermathReckoning (episode 1.5)14th May 2023Mitch Decker
Waco: The AftermathConspiracy (episode 1.4)7th May 2023Mitch Decker
Waco: The AftermathThe Gospel According to Livingstone Fagan (episode 1.3)30th April 2023Mitch Decker
Waco: The AftermathA Common Enemy (episode 1.2)23rd April 2023Mitch Decker
Waco: The AftermathTruths and Consequences (episode 1.1)16th April 2023Mitch Decker
Perry MasonChapter Sixteen (episode 2.8)24th April 2023Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Fifteen (episode 2.7)17th April 2023Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Thirteen (episode 2.5)3rd April 2023Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Twelve (episode 2.4)27th March 2023Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Ten (episode 2.2)13th March 2023Pete Strickland
GaslitFinal Days (episode 1.8)12th June 2022G. Gordon Liddy
GaslitYear of the Rat (episode 1.7)5th June 2022G. Gordon Liddy
GaslitTuffy (episode 1.6)29th May 2022G. Gordon Liddy
GaslitHoneymoon (episode 1.5)22nd May 2022G. Gordon Liddy
GaslitMalum in se (episode 1.4)15th May 2022G. Gordon Liddy
GaslitKing George (episode 1.3)8th May 2022G. Gordon Liddy
GaslitCalifornia (episode 1.2)1st May 2022G. Gordon Liddy
GaslitWill (episode 1.1)24th April 2022G. Gordon Liddy
Perry MasonChapter Eight (episode 1.8)9th August 2020Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Seven (episode 1.7)2nd August 2020Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Six (episode 1.6)26th July 2020Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Five (episode 1.5)19th July 2020Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Four (episode 1.4)12th July 2020Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Three (episode 1.3)5th July 2020Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter Two (episode 1.2)28th June 2020Pete Strickland
Perry MasonChapter One (episode 1.1)21st June 2020Pete Strickland
Modern LoveThe Race Grows Sweeter Near Its Final Lap (episode 1.8)18th October 2019Peter
Modern LoveSo He Looked Like Dad. It Was Just Dinner, Right? (episode 1.6)18th October 2019Peter
Dirty JohnLord High Executioner (episode 1.5)23rd December 2018William Meehan
HomecomingWork (episode 1.9)2nd November 2018Thomas Carrasco
HomecomingProtocol (episode 1.8)2nd November 2018Thomas Carrasco
HomecomingTest (episode 1.7)2nd November 2018Thomas Carrasco
HomecomingHelping (episode 1.6)2nd November 2018Thomas Carrasco
HomecomingRedwood (episode 1,5)2nd November 2018Thomas Carrasco
HomecomingOptics (episode 1.4)2nd November 2018Thomas Carrasco
HomecomingPineapple (episode 1.2)2nd November 2018Thomas Carrasco
HomecomingMandatory (episode 1.1)2nd November 2018Thomas Carrasco
WacoDay 51 (episode 1.6)28th February 2018Mitch Decker
WacoStalling for Time (episode 1.5)21st February 2018Mitch Decker
WacoOf Milk and Men (episode 1.4)7th February 2018Mitch Decker
WacoOperation Showtime (episode 1.3)7th February 2018Mitch Decker
WacoThe Strangers Across the Street (episode 1.2)31st January 2018Mitch Decker
WacoVisions and Omens (episode 1.1)24th January 2018Mitch Decker
Vice PrincipalsThe Union of the Wizard and The Warrior (episode 2.9)12th November 2017Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsVenetian Nights (episode 2.8)5th November 2017Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsSpring Break (episode 2.7)29th October 2017Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsThe Most Popular Boy (episode 2.6)22nd October 2017Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsThe End (episode 2.3)1st October 2017Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsTiger Town (episode 2.1)17th September 2017Ray Liptrapp
NarcosThe Cali KGB (episode 3.2)1st September 2017Agent Duffy
NarcosThe Kingpin Strategy (episode 3.1) 1st September 2017Agent Duffy
FargoAporia (episode 3.9)14th June 2017Moe Dammick
FargoThe Law of Inevitability (episode 3.7)31st May 2017Moe Dammick
FargoThe House of Special Purpose (episode 3.5)17th May 2017Moe Dammick
FargoThe Narrow Escape Problem (episode 3.4)10th May 2017Moe Dammick
FargoThe Principle of Restricted Choice (episode 3.2)26th April 2017Moe Dammick
Vice PrincipalsThe End of the Line (episode 1.9)18th September 2016Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsGin (episode 1.8)11th September 2016Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsThe Good Book (episode 1.7)28th August 2016Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsThe Foundation of Learning (episode 1.6)21st August 2016Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsCircles (episode 1.5)14th August 2016Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsRun for the Money (episode 1.4)7th August 2016Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsThe Field Trip (episode 1.3)31st July 2016Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsA Trusty Steed (episode 1.2)24th July 2016Ray Liptrapp
Vice PrincipalsThe Principal (episode 1.1)17th July 2016Ray Liptrapp
JustifiedCollateral (episode 6.12)7th April 2015Hagan
Agent CarterSNAFU (episode 1.7)17th February 2015SSR Chief Roger Dooley
Agent CarterA Sin to Err (episode 1.6)10th February 2015SSR Chief Roger Dooley
Agent CarterThe Iron Ceiling (episode 1.5)3rd February 2015SSR Chief Roger Dooley
Agent CarterThe Blitzkrieg Button (episode 1.4)27th January 2015SSR Chief Roger Dooley
Agent CarterTime and Tide (episode 1.3)13th January 2015SSR Chief Roger Dooley
Agent CarterBridge and Tunnel (episode 1.2)6th January 2015SSR Chief Roger Dooley
Agent Carter Now Is Not the End (episode 1.1)6th January 2015SSR Chief Roger Dooley
True DetectiveHaunted Houses (episode 1.6)23rd February 2014Joel Theriot
Boardwalk EmpireEldorado (episode 5.8)21st October 2014Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireFriendless Child (episode 5.7)19th October 2014Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireDevil You Know (episode 5.6)12th October 2014Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireKing of Norway (episode 5.5)5th October 2014Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireCuanto (episode 5.4)28th September 2014Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireThe Good Listener (episode 5.2)14th September 2014Elias Thompson
True DetectiveThe Locked Room (episode 1.3)26th January 2014Joel Theriot
Boardwalk EmpireFarewell Daddy Blues (episode 4.12)24th November 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireHavre de Grace (episode 4.11)17th November 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireWhite Horse Pike (episode 4.10)10th November 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireMarriage and Hunting (episode 4.9)3rd November 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireThe Old Ship of Zion (episode 4.8)27th October 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireWilliam Wilson (episode 4.7)20th October 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireThe North Star (episode 4.6)13th October 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireAll In (episode 4.3)29th September 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireResignation (episode 4.2)15th September 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireNew York Sour (episode 4.1)8th September 2013Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireMargate Sands (epiosde 3.12)2nd December 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireTwo Imposters (episode 3.11)25th November 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireA Man, a Plan... (episode 3.10)18th November 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireThe Milkmaid's Lot (episode 3.9)11th November 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireThe Pony (episode 3.8)4th November 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireSunday Best (episode 3.7)28th October 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireGing Gang Goolie (episode 3.6)21st October 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireYou'd Be Surprised (episode 3.5)14th October 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireBlue Bell Boy (episode 3.4)7th October 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireBone for Tuna (episode 3.3)30th September 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireSpaghetti and Coffee (episode 3.2)23rd September 2012Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireTo the Lost (episode 2.12)11th December 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireUnder God's Power She Flourishes (episode 2.11)4th December 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireGeorgia Peaches (episode 2.10)27th November 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireBattle of the Century (episode 2.9)20th November 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireTwo Boats and a Lifeguard (episode 2.8)13th November 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpirePeg of Old (episode 2.7)6th November 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireGimcrack and Bunkum (episode 2.5)23rd October 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireWhat Does the Bee Do? (episode 2.4)16th October 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireA Dangerous Maid (episode 2.3)9th October 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireOurselves Alone (episode 2.2)2nd October 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk Empire21 (episode 2.1)25th September 2011Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireA Return to Normalcy (episode 1.12)5th December 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireParis Green (episode 1.10)28th November 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireBelle Femme (episode 1.9)14th November 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireHold Me in Paradise (episode 1.8)7th November 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireHome (episode 1.7)31st October 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireFamily Limitation (episode 1.6)24th October 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireNights in Ballygran (episode 1.5)17th October 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireAnastasia (episode 1.4)10th October 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireBroadway Limited (episode 1.3) 3rd October 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireThe Ivory Tower (episode 1.2) 26th September 2010Elias Thompson
Boardwalk EmpireBoardwalk Empire (episode 1.1) 19th September 2010Elias Thompson
MediumNew Terrain (episode 6.7)6th November 2009 Patrick Wilkes
Numb3rsThe Fifth Man (episode 5.20)24th April 2009 Tom Kardum
Lie to MeLife is Priceless (episode 1.9)9th July 2009 Jered Blunt
StandoffEx-Factor (episode 1.16)6th July 2007 Andre/Jared Kendall
ER No Place to Hide (episode 12.19)27th April 2006 Bobby Kenyon
ER Darfur (episode 12.15)2nd March 2006Bobby Kenyon
ERQuintessence of Dust (episode 12.14) 9th February 2006Bobby Kenyon
Medical InvestigationComing Home (episode 1.3) 17th September 2004 Barrett Fidler
Medical InvestigationIn Bloom (episode 1.2)10th September 2004Barrett Fidler
Ghost StoriesCold in the Grave (episode 1.8)20th October 1997Eric Duke
L.A. ConfidentialPilot (episode 1.1)Unaired Dick Stensland

TV Movie (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
The Legend Of Master Legend 17th March 2017Peanut Head
Faith of My Fathers30th May 2005Norris Overly
Paradise2004Jeremiah Alcott
R.U.S./H. 2002Odell Tippy
Submerged20th May 2001Captain Oliver Naquin

Documentary (Television) (Voice) (Actor)DateCharacter
The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest19th March 2015Sentencing Judge/Prison Guard

Documentary (Television)Date
The Final Shot: A Farewell to Boardwalk Empire20th October 2014

TV AppearancesDate
Celebrity Page18th September 2021
Entertainment Tonight3rd September 2021
Entertainment Tonight26th August 2021
Made in Hollywood3rd November 2018
2016 MTV Movie Awards9th April 2016
Good Morning America2nd January 2015
19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards16th January 2014
18th Annual Screen Actors Guild 29th January 2012

TV InterviewsDate
Fox 26 Houston: Backstage11th July 2023
The Rich Eisen Show4th May 2022
Made in Hollywood3rd November 2018
KLTV28th September 2018
The Rich Eisen Show16th January 2015
Jimmy Kimmel Live24th October 2008

Internet Programme (Interview)Date
AOL Build5th February 2019

Internet (Facebook) (Q and A)Date
Homecoming Season 121st October 2018

Festival (Television) (Panel) (Live Streaming)Date
ATX TV Festival: Perry Mason Season 15th June 2020

Documentary (Appearance) (Internet) Date
Joker: Put on a Happy Face18th August 2020

Radio Play (Voice) (Actor)EpisodeDateCharacter
Tales From Beyond the PaleJohnny Boy (episode 1.5)23rd November 2010John

Podcast (Voice) (Actor)EpisodeDateCharacter
The Space Within15th June 2023Donny Kieber
The Playboy InterviewBetty Friedan (episode 1.1)19th January 2023John Wayne
ChrysalisThe Game (episode 3.3)21st September 2020Avamir

Radio InterviewDate
The Jess Cagle Show22nd May 2023
The Howard Stern Show8th February 2019

Podcast InterviewsDate
Life in Film Podcast5th July 2023
Story and Craft With Marc Preston24th May 2022
Culture Pop21st October 2019
An Actor Despairs6th October 2019
Back To One26th February 2019
The Howard Stern Show
Maltin On Movies25th January 2019

Video Game (Voice)DateCharacter
Smuggler's Run26th October 2000Jon

Music Video (Actor)SongDate
Run The Jewels featuring Zack de la RochaClose Your Eyes (And Count To F***)26th March 2015

Theatre (Actor)Character
Assisted ImmigrationDonnie Wildman
Balm in GileadFrannie
The ClassicNed
King GordoganOdan
I am YoursToilane
XXX Love ActRandy
Alice in WonderlandRabbit

TheatreFounder/Artistic Director
Rorshach GroupFounder/Artistic Director

Magazine (Print) (Front Cover)IssueYear
Emmy Magazine#52019

Book (Print) (Front Cover)Date
Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and the Corruption of Atlantic City by Nelson Johnson3rd November 2011

Book (Print) (Photos)Date
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movie4th July 2023
The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island21st March 2017
Marvel's Agent Carter: Season One Declassified7th July 2015
Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and the Corruption of Atlantic1st February 2011

Featurettes (Film) (DVD/Blu-ray (Appearances)Year
Joker: A Chronicle of Chaos2020
Joker: Vision and Fury2020
The Making of American Hustle2014

Master ClassDate
Tyler Junior College28th September 2018

Television (Q and A)Date
Deadline Contenders (Los Angeles) 7th April 2019

Charity Fundraiser (Event)Date
Respect90 Foundation‏: Burnout Classic and Casino Night Fundraiser2nd September 2017

Picket LineDate
SAG-AFTRA27th October 2023
SAG-AFTRA and WAG26th July 2023